Miz Mooz

Miz Mooz has constantly continued to be focused on the key that style and comfort can contentedly exist together. Company thinks that the footwear is an expression of those that use them.

At the beginning of 2001 Miz Mooz came into this world being a private label company, carried exclusively in a small chain of stores in New York City and San Francisco. The innovative specialists powering Miz Mooz expected to create fascinating and new models within a ‘me too’ market. Within the following several years Miz Mooz made a thrill in the footwear market, and lots of small retailers started to look for the new, special series. Flash to 2009, Miz Mooz is currently to be found in the top stores, specialty stores, and department stores over the U.S. and Canada, and has turned into a company known for high quality, inexpensive, and above all, fun shoes. Boots or shoes keep being made by hand, created using a exclusive and joyful feeling, and therefore are dedicated to providing you with modern, stylish, and comfy footwear every year.

The desire for Miz Mooz footwear increased, till the shoes and boots began appearing everywhere, In little shops and large stores. From Ny to Los Angeles, Toronto, Sydney and London. Even with reputation and attractiveness, the company stay focused on remaining different and won’t sell out to mass market requirements.

The life of a shoe is surely an interesting one, combining quite a few different elements from around the world. Created as a drawing in Ny company, the design goes to Italia, in which skilled Italian shoemakers design the final (this is the piece of wood that provides shape to the footwear, a bones) from a piece of wood. Following, the last goes to the factories in Asian countries or Mexico. Materials are taken through the top quality tanneries and producers, the pattern is cut, as well as the footwear starts to take shape. When permitted, the shoe is created and delivered to stores around the world. After that it ends up on the feet as well as in the wardrobes of loyal following.

Each pair of Miz Mooz shoes is hand made, utilizing the best hand-worked leathers. This completing normally leads to subtle variations in color, design and texture. As opposed to becoming imperfections, these variations emphasize the unique and natural attributes from the leather-based utilized. These are what give every footwear its authenticity and character, which is these characteristics which make Miz Mooz stand out.